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The Drina River Gorge – Predov Krst

The beauty of the River Drina lies not only in its biological diversity and a rare scenic beauty. When you sail down the Drina River, it will enchant you with a certain intimacy. Everything is so close that you can almost reach out and touch the freezing water beneath you and steep rocks and dark forests along the river banks will surround you. Only the sky is far away from you. It shows up there among the grey rocks as a narrow pale blue stripe.

Predov Krst is 1080 meters above sea level. Three kilometers away from this site there is Stolac, the natural habitat of Pančić spruce while seven kilometers away there is the lookout Bilješka stena (Bilješka Rock) where you can see 1000 meters high cliffs descending to the River Drina. From the lookout you will have a picturesque view of the lake Perućac, the Drina River Gorge and, naturally, Pančić spruce trees…


Day One: Arrival in Bajina Bašta at about 13.00. Lunch at the restaurant on the River Drina bank; after lunch visit to the Monastery Rača (the endowment of King Dragutin from the 13th century) and visit to the Ladjevac spring (famous for its thermal water ideal for healing skin diseases) – hiking the forest trail 2.1 km away from the monastery. Return back to the hotel. Dinner, live music at the hotel, overnight.

Day Two: After breakfast visit to Perućac (tourist settlement near the hydroelectric power plant Bajina Bašta). Visit to the River Vrelo and its waterfalls (the total lenth of the river from its source to the confluence with the Drina is 365 meters). Visit to Predov Krst and the lookout Bilješka stena; return to the lake Perućac, boarding the boat and boat cruise through the Drina River Gorge for 3 hours. Lunch on board (soft music playing during the lunch); boat landing on the lake Perućac beach; End of the tour.

Tour price:  upon request

The package includes:

-lunch at the restaurant on the River Drina bank,

-one night half board at hotel***,

-boat cruise through the Drina River Gorge,

-lunch on board,

-the guide,

-the tour organizing.

The package does not include:

-personal expenses.

NOTE: Tour is organized only for closed groups of minimum 40 adult traveling passengers. The transportation charge is not included in the price since it depends on travel distance between your departure and destination. Transportation costs shall be subsequently determined.

Tour package organizer – company “Čiča Gliša” d.o.o – T.A. Taratours 80, Svetosavska St. 31250 Bajina Bašta, licensed OTP 242 since 12th February, 2010. T.A. Taratours General Terms and Conditions apply to all travel services.

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