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Tara PHOTO – Predov Krst

Predov Krst is 1080 meters above sea level. Three kilometers away from this site there is Stolac, the natural habitat of Pančić spruce while seven kilometers away there is the lookout Bilješka stena (Bilješka Rock) where you can see 1000 meters high cliffs descending to the River Drina. From the lookout you will have a picturesque view of the lake Perućac, the Drina River Gorge and, naturally, Pančić spruce trees…


Day one: Arrive at mountain house in Predov Krst 1075 meters above sea level at about 18.00. Hosts welcome: bread, salt, homemade plum brandy, homemade liqueur, fruit juice and other refreshment beverages. Accommodation in 2 double rooms and 2 four-bed rooms, with a total of 12 beds; dinner: national cuisine, a dish made in a traditional way – baked under the bell. It takes a mighty fire to heat the hearth and cover the bell-shaped lid with enough hot embers or coal for the ingrediants to be baked evenly. Showing films and photos, going through tourist, mountaineering and cycle maps of Tara National Park and its surroundings; planning activities for your stay.

Day Two: Breakfast: Healthy food of the Tara National Park region /cheese, kaymak (Serbian creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream), prosciutto, pork rinds, donuts, vatious pies etc./
*Tara photo: visit to the attractive locations in the Zvijezda area: Božurna 1073 m above sea level, Bilješka stena 1025 m above sea level, Drilje 1324 m above sea level, Jagoštica , Copin brod, Matići, Knezovi.

Day Three: Tara photo: Makaze/Feeding place for bears/ Karaula Štula, Podstolac, Omar, the Brusnica River Gorge, the Galinska River Gorge, Galinske meadows.

Day Four: Tara photo: Batura, Kruščica Lake, Zaovine Lake, Spajići Lake, Pološnica Lake, Mitrovac / Carpet Meadow, Banjska Rock / Aluga, Rastište, Predov Krst.

Day Five: Tara photo: the Derventa River Gorge; a 23 km boat cruise on Perućac Lake, through the picturesque Drina River Gorge to the Brusnica River mouth. Lunch on board; return back to Predov Krst.

Day Six: Depart from Predov Krst to Mokra Gora via Perućac, Mitrovac, Sekulići, Miloševac, Mokra Gora ski center, and Mećavnik (Wooden Town). Driving Šargan Eight; the tour continues with trips to Kremna, Kaludjerske Bare, Ladjevac and Monastery Rača to the Drina River camp. Diner and overnight in the camp.

Day Seven: Breakfast in the camp. Sightseeing, visit to the attractive locations such as the Vrelo River, rafting down the Drina River – 13 km from Perucac to Bajina Bašta; Visit to the town. End of the tour.

Tour price: upon request

The package includes:

-six nights half board at the mountain house in Predov Krst,

-transportation to the destination,

-the local guide,

-five outdoor lunches by arrangement,

-3 hours long boat cruise,

-lunch on board,

-rafting down the Drina River – 13 km,

-the Ćira train drive,

-entrance fee for Wooden Town,

-a guide in Mokra Gora,

-the tour organizing.

The package does not include: Personal expenses


* the tour is organized for a group of 8 to 15 people.

**the tour is not available for individual tourists without the guide or a special-type vehicle

Tour package organizer – company “Čiča Gliša” d.o.o – T.A. Taratours 80, Svetosavska St. 31250 Bajina Bašta, licensed OTP 242 since 12th February, 2010. T.A. Taratours General Terms and Conditions apply to all travel services.

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