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Drina Rafting-Predov Krst-Drina River Gorge

The Drina is formed by the confluence of the Piva and the Tara rivers at Šćepan Polje village. Its total length is 345.9 km of which 60 km belong to Bajina Bašta. The Drina flows into the Sava River near Šabac. It is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia. People used to call it Zelenika (the green color of water), and in the Middle Ages the name of the river Drinus was written down in the Peutinger table.

The Drina River Gorge, 700-1000 meters deep, is the deepest canyon in Serbia and the third deepest in the world, right behind the the Colorado canyon in the USA (1800 m) and the Tara Canyon in Montenegro (1300 m).


Day One: Arrival in Bajina Bašta in the afternoon/evening. Check in the hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day Two: After breakfast visit to the monastery Rača (the endowment of King Dragutin from the 13th century). Depart for Mitrovac (children resort); visit to the Carpet Meadow and the lookout Kozija Stena (Goat Rock) – you can see Lake Perućac from the lookout. Travel to Lake Zaovine. Visit to the Lazići dam with a view of Spajići Lake and the area where Pančić Spruce was discovered in 1875. Return back to Perućac. Lunch in Perućac; visit to the “One-year-long River” (the shortest river – due to its length – 365 m – from its source to its end) and its waterfalls; boarding the boats and rafting down the Drina River towards Bajina Bašta for 2-3 hours depending on the river water level. Return back to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day Three: After breakfast check out of the hotel. Depart for Predov Krst, visit to the lookout Bilješka Rock, Nature Reserve “Zvijezda” (Star). Visit to the house where the movie “Some Birds Can’t Fly” was filmed. After visiting the lookout depart for Perućac. Boarding the boat on Lake Perućac and 3 hours long boat cruise through the Drina River Gorge; lunch on board (soft music playing during the lunch); boat landing on the lake Perućac beach; End of the tour.

Tour price: upon request

The package includes:

-two nights half board at the hotel,

-lunch in Perućac,

-Drina rafting,

-3 hours long boat cruise through the Drina River Gorge,

-lunch on board,

-tax and insurance,

-the guide,

-the tour organizing.

The package does not include:

-personal expenses

NOTE: Tour is organized only for closed groups of minimum 40 adult traveling passengers. The transportation charge is not included in the price since it depends on travel distance between your departure and destination. Transportation costs shall be subsequently determined.

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