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Tara Team Building

(Mount Tara, the Drina River, Lake Perućac,Bajina Bašta)

Tara is located in the western part of Serbia and belongs to the inner zone of the Dinaric Alps and covers an area of 183 km2. The length of Tara is 50 km and it is 22 km wide. Tara was declared a national park on July 13th, 1981. It covers an area of 19.200 hectares. Due to its favorable climate and remoteness, Tara is home to a rare relict and endemic tree species of the Balkan Peninsula, the Pančić Spruce, and many other natural monuments that can be called living fossils. The average height of Mount Tara is 1000-1200 meters above sea level. Its highest point is Kozji Rid (1591 m) and the lowest (291 m) is at Lake Perućac. The River Vrelo is the strongest karstic spring in the national park, and it flows into the Drina River after flowing 365 meters. Tara has a mountain climate with cool summers and cold winters with a lot of snow. It often rains in May. July and August are the driest months, and autumn is sunny and warmer than spring.

Drina – In the old days it was called Drinus, and people gave it a name Zelenika and Zelenka (the green color of water). The River Drina surrounds Tara from the northwest and north sides and represents the longest river in the Bajina Bašta municipality with its 60 km length. The Drina is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia. In honor of the old ferrymen who transported materials across the river, the Drina Regatta takes place here every year.

Perućac – Perućac is a tourist village on the right bank of the River Drina, 13 km away from Bajina Bašta. In the vicinity there is a large hydroelectric dam where the Drina Lake, 54 km long, begins. Its magnificent canyon stretches all the way to Višegrad.

Bajina Bašta is located on the slopes of Mount Tara at an altitude of 257 m. The climate is temperate continental with increased humidity after the construction of artificial lakes Perućac and Zaovine. There are 30.000 people living in the municipality while the town’s population is 9.000.


Day One:
• Arrival and check in – in the afternoon
• Dinner

Day Two:
• Breakfast – at the hotel
• Treasure hunt – the quest for the Old Slavs’ treasure hidden in the hundred-year-old forests of Mount Tara that has been protected from greedy hands for centuries (carefully prepared set of challenges that build up each other until the final solution of the “secret hidden treasure” is reached. Solving a large number of problems, questions and riddles, puzzles and cryptograms, all kinds of tasks participants are to complete, will strengthen the team spirit and build cooperation among team members) or
• Team olimpic games – a sports competition among teams in creative, fun and rather demanding disciplines that require the full engagement of all team members.
1. “The human snake race” – the goal of each team is to make its way through a winding path with balloons between participants as fast as possible making sure no balloon drops.
2.“Team skiing” – each team has two “skis” with ropes. Contestants (5-6 of them in each team) stand on skis one behind the other and try to “move giant skis” with synchronized movement of arms and legs. The goal of the team is to make its way through the marked trail as soon as possible.
3. “Mine Field” – a specially prepared polygon in the shape of a maze with obstacles where the hidden object is placed. One member of the team must cross the obstacles blindfolded and guided by the rest of the team and get to the hidden object in the mine field making sure all the obstacles (“mines”) are in place.
4. “Sack race”
5. “Tribal polygon”
6. “Toxic waste”
7. …
• Boat cruise through Lake Perucac Gorge – boat ride across the attractive lake with a possibility of making breaks so tourists can swim in the untouched parts of the gorge. Lunch on board. Surprise games.
• Dinner – at the hotel

Day Three
• Breakfast – at the hotel
• Trekking – the lookout Crnjeskovo – Monastery Raca (about 6 km)
• Lunch – Monastery Raca or Bajina Basta
End of the tour.

Tour price: upon request

The package includes:

• Two nights half board at the Hotel Omorika on Mount Tara (2 x half board: breakfast is a buffet, dinner is a traditional full serve meal) -Hotel “Omorika” *** is located in the most beautiful area of Mount Tara, in Kaludjerske Bare, 1.000 m above sea level. It has 400 beds in 156 standard rooms, eight suits and two presidential suits. Each room has a bathroom, satellite TV, direct dial telephone…

• Tax and insurance

• 2 x lunch outside the hotel, at two different tour locations

• Transportation services during the tour

• Trekking, tour guides and instructors

• Boat ride on the Lake Perucac Gorge

• Organization of the contest (equipment, instructors…)

The package does not include:

• Transportation to and from Mount Tara (to and from the Hotel Omorika)

• Personal expenses

Note: Package is based on minimum 20 adult traveling passengers.

Tour package organizer – company “Čiča Gliša” d.o.o – T.A. Taratours 80, Svetosavska St. 31250 Bajina Bašta, licensed OTP 242 since 12th February, 2010. in cooperation with Mountain-sports club “Omorika”, Bajina BastaT.A. Taratours General Terms and Conditions apply to all travel services.

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