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Kaludjerske Bare

Tara is located in the western part of Serbia and belongs to the inner zone of the Dinaric Alps and covers an area of 183 km2. The length of Tara is 50 km and it is 22 km wide.
The position of Mount Tara is yet another favorable condition for tourism development since it enables the increase of diverse tourist activities and visits to a large number of tourist attractions. Preserved natural environment, mountain relief with moderate elevation of 800-1500 meters, suitable facilities for winter sports, diverse flora and fauna, beneficial climate, the Drina River and artificial lakes Zaovine and Perućac make Tara a place that provides high quality tourism experience.
Tara was declared a national park on July 13th, 1981. It covers an area of about 19.200 hectares. Due to its favorable climate and remoteness, Tara is home to a rare relict and endemic tree species of the Balkan Peninsula, the Pančić Spruce, and many other natural monuments that can be called living fossils. The average height of Mount Tara is 1000-1200 meters above sea level. Its highest point is Kozji Rid (1591 m) and the lowest (291 m) is at Lake Perućac. The River Vrelo is the strongest karstic spring in the national park, and it flows into the Drina River after flowing 365 meters. Tara has a mountain climate with cool summers and cold winters with a lot of snow. It often rains in May. July and August are the driest months, and autumn is sunny and warmer than spring.

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