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The Grizzly 1 Boat

The beauty of the River Drina lies not only in its biological diversity and a rare scenic beauty. When you sail up the Drina River, it will enchant you with a certain intimacy. Everything is so close that you can almost reach out and touch the freezing water beneath you and steep rocks and dark forests along the river banks will surround you. Only the sky is far away from you. It shows up there among the grey rocks as a narrow pale blue stripe …

 The Grizzly boat’s dimensions are 12 x 8 meters, with a capacity of 55-60 seats on the covered deck. There are the captain’s cabin, kitchen and bathroom on the boat. It is an open boat designed for navigation between May 1st and October 15th, except in the case of extremely bad weather. The perfect ambiance is created on board where you can listen to the soft music and enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Prices for groups over 40 people:

Beach on the lake Perućac – Drina Canyon – 2 hours drive – €7 per person

Beach on the lake Perućac – Drina Canyon – 3 hours drive – €10 per person

Beach on the lake Perućac – Drina Canyon – lunch on board – 2 hours drive – €20 per person

Lunch packages price adjustment for smaller groups according to the number of passengers.

For groups smaller than 40 people the cost of renting a cruise boat per hour:

For the first hour – €150

Two hours – €280

Three hours – €380

Special fees for rentals longer than 3 hours.

Rent a boat for graduation and birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, seminars, presentations, promotion campaigns, cocktail parties and any other special occasion.

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