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About Us

An agency with many years of experience, TA Taratours, enables travel and nature lovers to have an enjoyable and eventful stay in the areas of the Tara National Park, Mitrovac, Zaovine and Perucac Lakes, the Raca Monastery, and Mokra Gora. Boat ride through quiet and mysterious gorges of the River Drina Gorge and a dynamic activity of lower Drina River rafting are only a few travel packages offered by the agency that shouldn’t be missed. Visiting scenic lookouts of Tara, Mitrovac, Predov Krst experiencing breathtaking views, driving the most attractive tourist and museum narrow gauge railway in Europe, “Sargan Eight” and visiting Wooden Town, an ethno park where the famous film director Emir Kusturica has built a typical rural settlement of this region from the 19th century are also some of the activities that should not be missed. A large number of tourists from our country, other countries in the region, as well as from other continents are happy to return here amazed by natural beauties of the region. TA Taratours has achieved a great success in organizing school trips and educational tours both in Serbia and abroad. It tries to find the best packages and terms of payment for the destination of your choice through subagents.Visit our website www.taratours.rs to discover the best deals we offer. Contact us by email office@taratours.rs for all the offer information.

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