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Perućac is a tourist village on the right bank of the River Drina, 13 km away from Bajina Bašta.  There is probably the shortest river in the world. It is 365 meters long and many say that the Vrelo River is the “One-year-long River”. It is rich in trout and after a short river flow and beautiful waterfalls it flows into the Drina River. There is also the hydroelectric power plant on the Drina River that actually created the water reservoir Perućac. The reservoir creating did not ruin the true beauty of the region but greatly added to the tourist postcard of Bajina Bašta. The lake is 54 kilometers long and its magnificent canyon stretches all the way to Višegrad. Lake Perućac is rich in all kinds of fish therefore it offers opportunities for all kinds of fishing. The tourist settlement has its own private beach on the lake with outdoor pools and offers boats and rafts for tours of the lake.

Accommodation in Perućac

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