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Renting a boat

The 60 km of River Drina, which surrounds Tara from the northern side, is the longest river in the Bajina Bašta region. Formed by the confluence of the Piva and Tara rivers at Sćepan Polje village in Montenegro, the Drina has a total length of 345.9 km.

The Drina is one of Serbia’s cleanest rivers with fishing being one of its most memorable activities. The river is home to some 30 fish species, the most famous being huchen, also known as the “Queen of Drina”.

Rafts are boarded below the dam in Perućac with the ride taking in the most attractive part of the Drina below the falls of the Vrelo River and with a few rapids thrown in. The end of the raft is at the mouth of the Rača River into the Drina, which is a 13 km journey taking two to three hours depending on water levels. The maximum number of people per boat is 10.

Price for renting a boat is 8000 rsd.

Note: Scheduled departures for individual guests every Wednesday in July and August at the price of 1000 rsd; 50% discount for children under 10. Reservation is required. Minimum for departure is 5 passengers.

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