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Šargan Eight is the Europe’s most attractive narrow gauge museum railway, mentioned as the masterpiece among the similar railways. From 1925 until 1974 the railway connected Belgrade to Sarajevo and kept the doors of Mokra Gora Mt. open to the world.

As predicted by Mitar Tarabić, the famous prophet from the nearby village of Kremna, a railway had been built and then forgotten. However, people did remember it and the railway was rebuilt as a visitor attraction. Today, the sounds of wooden wagons on steel rails can once again be heard between Šargan and Mokra Gora. Travelling the famous figure of eight route, it’s almost impossible for passengers to determine where the train has already passed and where it has yet to go.


Mokra Gora

Šargan Vitasi

Mokra Gora

10:30 h

11.07-11:20 h

13:00 h

13.30 h

14.07-14:27 h

15:48 h

16:10 h

16.51-17.07 h

18:35 h


Train tickets – route



Children between 6

and 14 years (RSD)

Mokra Gora – Šargan Vitasi – Mokra Gora  600,00  300,00

Children under the age of 6 travel for free.

Train tickets – route

Train renting with diesel traction (RSD)

Train renting with steam traction (RSD)

Mokra gora – Šargan Vitasi – Mokra gora  60.000,00  120.000,00
Mokra gora – Jatare – Mokra gora

Regular trains can not be rented.

Train capacity is 150 ADL or 200 CHD between 6 and 14 years.

Reservation and information phone numbers: +381 31 861 501 and +381 31 861 467

and e-mail: office@taratours.rs

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