• Brod "GRIZZLY", kanjon reke Drine...

The Grizzly Boat 2

The “Grizzly 2” boat is catamaran type of boat, with dimensions 22,8 X 6,7 m and with capacity of 140 seats. It has two levels. Lower level is closed salon and upper level is an open deck. There are also captain’s cabin, kitchen, bar and 3 toilets on board. It is equipped with professional sound system, video screen, surveillance cameras etc.

Departures are organized from the beach on Perućac Lake and it is possible to choose between ride through the Drina River Gorge all the way to Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina or shorter ride.

Besides for tourist rides, the “Grizzly 2” boat is suitable for private celebrations (weddings, birthdays, proms, anniversaries…) as well as for business events (seminars, presentations, promotions…)

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