Drina River Rafting

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Regular departures for individual guests

What’s included in this tour?

Boats for the Drina rafting
Life jackets
Skiper services

TOUR (this tour is organized on Wednesday during July and August):


Boarding the boats

Boarding is below the dam in Perućac and the ride takes the most attractive part of the Drina River below the falls of the Vrelo River and with a few rapids. The maximum number of people per boat is 10.

The end of the rafingt next to the Drina River House

Journey takes two to three hours depending on water levels. The town of Bajina Bašta is famous for the house perched on a rock in the middle of the River Drina which the Serbs also call Zelenika (zelena meaning green in Serbian). The house has been balancing on the rock since 1969 and the idea for it came from a group of young swimmers who wanted a more comfortable place to rest. According to folk tales, the reason for the rock being situated in the middle of the Drina is down to Serbia’s most famous epic medieval hero, Marko Kraljević. Wanting to go to the other bank of the Drina without getting his famous horse’s hooves wet, he throw a huge rock right in the middle of the river so his horse Šarac could jump between the riverbanks, stepping only on the rock in the river. If you look closely, you can still see Šarac’s hoof prints on the rock!

Tour price?

Adults: 1000 rsd

Children up to 10 years old: 500 rsd

Payment method:

  • with cash or bank transfer
  • price for children up to 10 years old is 500 rsd


  • Tour is organized for minimum 5 adult traveling passengers.
  • In case of bad weather conditions, the agency keeps the right to cancel the trip at least 2 days before departure.

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