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boat ride
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Meeting at lake Perućac, boarding the boat

Perućac is a tourist village on the right bank of the River Drina, 13 km away from Bajina Bašta. In the vicinity there is a large hydroelectric dam where the Drina Lake, 54 km long, begins. Its magnificent canyon stretches all the way to Višegrad.
12:00 - 14:00

Lake Perućac cruise for two hours

Lake Perućac is located at 290 m above sea level. It was created in 1966 when Josip Broz Tito put into operation 3 units of HPP "Bajina Bašta" in Perućac. The creation of this accumulation did not disturb the beauty of this area, but complemented the tourist postcard of Bajina Basta.

Regular departures:

08.08; 09.08; 11.08; 13.08; 16.08; 18.08; 20.08; 22.08; 25.08; 27.08.

Tour price

Adults: 900 rsd

Children up to 10 years old: 450 rsd

Payment method:

  • cash or bank transfer
  • 50% discount for children up to 10 years old


  • Transportation of pets is not allowed.
  • In accordance with the Law on Tourism for one day trip travel guarantee certificate is not provided.
  • In case of bad weather conditions, the agency keeps the right to cancel the trip at least 2 days before departure.
  • Tour is organized for minimum 40 traveling passengers.

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