The Drina River gorge - Predov Krst

Departure Date



2 days



What’s included in this tour?

one night half board at hotel
lunch at the restaurant on the River Drina bank
boat cruise through the Drina River Gorge
lunch on boat
the guide
the tour organizing



Arrival in Bajina Bašta, meeting the guide, lunch

Bajina Bašta is a town with about 10 thousand inhabitants and some 20 thousand more living in the surrounding hills. The oldest part of the town with symetrical terraced houses dates from the end of the 19th century. The owners of the houses were pety traders and artisans who made up the majority of the town's population.

Visit to the Monastery Rača

Rača monastery is situated on the banks of the small river Rača, in the vicinity of Bajina Bašta. This medieval monastery was founded by the Serbian king, Dragutin Nemanjić. During the Ottoman period, the monastery was one of the most important cultural centres for Serbian people. Rača monastery was renowned for secretly copying Serbian literature in order to maintain cultural legacy. During World War II Rača monastery kept Miroslav's Gospel, the largest and the most important 12th century document of Serbian literature. It was saved from being burnt by being hidden under the stone plates of the monastery’s altar.

Check in the hotel, diner and overnight

Breakfast, departure to Perućac, visit to the River Vrelo

Perućac is a tourist village on the right bank of the River Drina, 13 km away from Bajina Bašta. In the vicinity there is a large hydroelectric dam where the Drina Lake, 54 km long, begins. Its magnificent canyon stretches all the way to Višegrad. There is probably the shortest river in the world. It is 365 meters long and many say that the Vrelo River is the "One-year-long River". It is rich in trout and after a short river flow and beautiful waterfalls it flows into the Drina River.

Visit to Predov Krst and lookout Bilješka stena

Predov Krst is 1080 meters above sea level. Three kilometers away from this site there is Stolac, the natural habitat of Pancic spruce while seven kilometers away there is the lookout Biljeska stena (Biljeska Rock) where you can see 1000 meters high cliffs descending to the River Drina. From the lookout you will have a picturesque view of the lake Perucac, the Drina River Gorge and, naturally, Pancic spruce trees…

Return back to the lake Perucac, boat cruise through the Drina River Gorge, lunch on board, the end of tour

The Drina canyon is one of the deepest in the world, up to 1,000 meters in some parts. Perućac lake is 54 km long and it stretches all the way to Visegrad. Navigating through the canyon of the Drina River you will enjoy in a magical area surrounded by cool green water and forest covered cliffs.

NOTE: Tour is organized only for closed groups of minimum 30 adult traveling passengers.

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