The Grand Tour of Western Serbia

Departure Date



6 days



What’s included in this tour?

six nights half board at the hotel
5 lunches
the tour guide
gala dinner and “Serbian Night” organization
entrance fee for Mećavnik
entrance fee for the ethno village Sirogojno
entrance fee for Potpeć and Stopić caves
entrance fee for boat ride on lake Zaovine
tax and insurance
entrance fee for the Šargan Eight drive
rafting down the Drina River
boat cruise through the lake Perućac gorge



Arrival to Tara mountain, check in the hotel, diner and overnight

Tara was declared a national park on July 13th, 1981. It covers an area of about 24.991,82 hectares. Due to its favorable climate and remoteness, Tara is home to a rare relict and endemic tree species of the Balkan Peninsula, the Pančić Spruce, and many other natural monuments that can be called living fossils. The average height of Mount Tara is 1000-1200 meters above sea level. Its highest point is Kozji Rid (1591 m) and the lowest (291 m) is at Lake Perucac. The River Vrelo is the strongest karstic spring in the national park, and it flows into the Drina River after flowing 365 meters. Tara has a mountain climate with cool summers and cold winters with a lot of snow. It often rains in May. July and August are the driest months, and autumn is sunny and warmer than spring.

Breakfast, trekking tour

Trekking: Jarevac – the outlook Crnjeskovo – Ladjevac – Monastery Rača (10 km)
This is a very interesting trekking tour where you can visit areas of exceptional beauty within relatively short distances: Lake Jarevac, the stables Dora, the church Manastirski Stanovi, the lookout Crnjeskovo with a view of Rača Gorge, the spring Ladjevac and nearby waterfalls (with constant water temperature of 18 °C throughout the year), an attractive hiking trail with numerous bridges and water mills, archealogical locality “St George’s Skit”, natural rarity Bukva Kapija (Beech Gate), and the medieval monastery Rača.

Departure to the lake Perucac, boat cruise through the Drina River Gorge, lunch on board, return to the hotel, dinner, overnight

The Drina canyon is one of the deepest in the world, up to 1,000 meters in some parts. Perućac lake is 54 km long and it stretches all the way to Visegrad. Navigating through the canyon of the Drina River you will enjoy in a magical area surrounded by cool green water and forest covered cliffs.

Breakfast, departure to Mokra Gora, train ride along the famous railway Šargan Eight

Šargan Eight is the Europe’s most attractive narrow gauge museum railway, mentioned as the masterpiece among the similar railways. From 1925 until 1974 the railway connected Belgrade to Sarajevo and kept the doors of Mokra Gora Mt. open to the world. As predicted by Mitar Tarabić, the famous prophet from the nearby village of Kremna, a railway had been built and then forgotten. However, people did remember it and the railway was rebuilt as a visitor attraction. Today, the sounds of wooden wagons on steel rails can once again be heard between Šargan and Mokra Gora. Travelling the famous figure of eight route, it’s almost impossible for passengers to determine where the train has already passed and where it has yet to go.

Visit to the ethno village Wooden Town, lunch, return to the hotel, dinner, overnight

This is ethno village with an urban form and structure. It’s located on Mokra Gora’s Mećavnik Hill and was designed by the film director Emir Kusturica. It consists of wooden houses, essentially log cabins that have retained their authenticity. The village offers restaurants, shops selling souvenirs and locally handcrafted products, galleries, a cinema, and a restaurant serving local specialities.

Breakfat, trekking tour

Trekking : the Nature Reserve Crveni Potok (Red Stream) – Carpet Meadow (3 km) and Mitrovac – the lookout Banjska Stena (Banjska Rock) (4 km)
The Nature Reserve Crveni Potok (Red Stream) is the unique habitat of the endemic tree species, Pančić Spruce, in peat soil in Europe. The moors where the spruce habitat is found influnced the formation of peat soil. That is why visitors to the reserve and to the Carpet Meadow feel as though they are levitating while walking.
The lookout Banjska Rock is the most magnificent place on Mount Tara. You can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the Lake Perućac Gorge and hydroelectric power plant Bajina Bašta from the lookout.

Boat ride on the lake Zaovine (about 2 hours), visit to the lookout Kik, lunch, trekking, return to the hotel, dinner, overnight

Lake Zaovine is a crystal clear mountain lake on the Rzav River. Numerous bays, blue-green color of the water and dense coniferous forests on the lake banks can be experienced in the best way during the boat ride. During the ride break, visit to the lookout Kik, a place where Josif Paničić discovered the new species of spruce that made him famous. Upon request, more breaks will be made so that tourists can swim in the lake. Specialties of the local cuisine such as: homemade “gibanica” (a traditional pastry dish made with white cheese), kaymak (creamy dairy product, similar to clotted cream), dried meat, meat roasted under the bell, homemade plum brandy will be served at lunch.Visit to the lookout Janjac with the view of lake Zaovine.

Breakfast, visit to the open air museum in Sirogojno and Stopića cave

The open-air museum in Sirogojno is unique in Serbia. Here visitors can see genuine 19th century Serbian village architecture and interior design, and see what family life was like in this mountainous landscape of Zlatibor. The Old Village of Sirogojno Museum includes small wooden houses, log cabins, a bakery, barn, distillery, pottery workshops, accommodation, an inn and other attractions. Potpeć and Stopić caves are the most interesting speleological sites of this region. Stopić cave is known for its magnificent 40 meters high entrance and underground waterfalls, while Potpeć cave is rich in different cave ornaments.

Visit to Zlatibor, lunch

Zlatibor Mountain and tourist centre, located on the road linking Belgrade to the Montenegrin coast, is 230km from Belgrade and 25km from Užice. Renowned as a health spa, this is the place where sea and mountain air mix, creating an environment which treats many pulmonary and cardiac diseases, particularly the thyroid gland, and anaemia. In the last few years Zlatibor’s tourist product has grown and now offers a great range of diverse facilities including sports fields, sports halls, open air and indoor swimming pools, spa centres, ski lifts and ski trails on Tornik and Obudojevica, as well as artificial snowmaking machines and a six-seat cable railway on Tornik.

Visit to the Potpeć cave and to the Memorial Complex Kadinjača, return to the hotel, dinner, overnight

Potpeć and Stopić caves are the most interesting speleological sites of this region. Stopić cave is known for its magnificent 40 meters high entrance and underground waterfalls, while Potpeć cave is rich in different cave ornaments. Memorial Complex Kadinjača – place known for the heroic resistance to the German offensive during the World War II.

Breakfast, departure to Perućac, visit to the River Vrelo

Perućac is a tourist village on the right bank of the River Drina, 13 km away from Bajina Bašta. In the vicinity there is a large hydroelectric dam where the Drina Lake, 54 km long, begins. Its magnificent canyon stretches all the way to Višegrad. There is probably the shortest river in the world. It is 365 meters long and many say that the Vrelo River is the "One-year-long River". It is rich in trout and after a short river flow and beautiful waterfalls it flows into the Drina River.

Boarding the boats, Drina River rafting, lunch

Boarding is below the dam in Perućac with the ride taking in the most attractive part of the Drina below the falls of the Vrelo River and with a few rapids thrown in. Journey takes two to three hours depending on water levels. The River Drina surrounds Tara from the northwest and north sides and represents the longest river in the Bajina Basta municipality with its 60 km length. The Drina is formed by the confluence of the Piva and the Tara rivers at Scepan Polje village in Montenegro 433 meters above the sea level with a total length of 345.9 km. Drina is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia…

Visit to Bajina Bašta and the church of St. Elijah the Prophet

Bajina Bašta is a town with about 10 thousand inhabitants and some 20 thousand more living in the surrounding hills. The oldest part of the town with symetrical terraced houses dates from the end of the 19th century. The owners of the houses were pety traders and artisans who made up the majority of the town's population.

Return to the hotel, gala dinner Serbian Night, overnight

“Serbian Night”– gala dinner with specialties of Serbian national cuisine, with Serbian folk music and folklore.

Breakfast, check out from the hotel, deparure, the end of tour


  • Package is based on minimum 40 adult traveling passengers.
  • The tour package is scheduled from May to October (except during bad weather – applicable to some tour activities).

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