Boat excursions

A unique experience of cruising the Drina gorge

Excursions are organized on boat Grizzly 2

Boat „Grizzly 2“ is located on Lake Perućac, close to Bajina Bašta power plant. . It is 23 meters long, 6.7 meters wide, registered for 140 passengers, and has 220 seats on two decks, of which the lower deck is a closed lounge, and the upper deck is completely open. The boat was built according to all European and world shipbuilding standards. It has toilets, bar, kitchen, audio video equipment, self-rescue, video beam, TV…

Organization of excursions

During the spring and autumn season of student excursions, it is possible to organize boat trips on Lake Perućac, without crossing the state border, for children from preschool age to high school.

The total sailing time is 1 hour (30 min in one direction and 30 min in the other direction), during which the boat travels 14 km in both directions. During the sail, you can enjoy 2 national parks (National Park Tara and National Park Drina), the estuary of the Derventa river, the Dzanici peninsula, the medieval Klotijevac tower and the unreal nature of mountain Tara.

Departure times are not fixed and can be adjusted to the excursion program. It is also possible to organize AMBIENTAL CLASSROOMS for preschoolers and students of lower grades on the ship.

Boat excursion and educators from Tara National Park

Location and themes

The boat “Grizzly” is located in an ideal place for creating ambient classrooms.

In cooperation with the educators of the Tara National Park, it is possible to cover several authentic topics visible from the ship itself: Tara National Park, Lake Perućac, Drina River, “Bajina Bašta” hydroelectric power plant, brown bear habitats, Pančić’s spruce, Republika Srpska (BiH ), and to them can certainly be added the cultural and historical heritage of western Serbia, the settlements along the Drina…

Also, kids can find out basic information related to navigation, the way the ship moves, as well as the rules of behavior on board. During the voyage, in addition to the teachers, the crew members are at your service all the time and take care of the children’s behavior and movement.

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Boat excursion and educators from Tara National Park


Depending on the curriculum, the topics are adapted to the current material.

In addition to the “living word”, there is a large TV, a large selection of materials from NP “Tara” specially created for educational workshops (tree branches, herbariums, cards with animals, magnifying glasses for studying the living world, the world of birds, educational games,… ).

Children actively participate in the conversation, are animated through knowledge quizzes, putting together puzzles, guessing animal footprints…


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Svetosavska 80,
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