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Turistička agencija „Taratours“ je osnovana 2003. godine. Posle velikog broja zadovoljnih turista, kako individualnih, tako i grupa, Turistička organizacija Srbije je proglasila našu agenciju za najbolju receptivnu agenciju za 2015. godinu. To nam je bio veliki motiv za napredak u pružanju usluga i zadovoljstva našim gostima.


Svetosavska 80,
31250 Bajina Bašta



„Taratours“ travel agency was founded in 2003 the railway connected Belgrade to Sarajevo and kept the doors of Mokra Gora Mt. open to the world. After a large number of satisfied tourists, both individuals and groups, the Tourist Organization of Serbia declared our agency the best reception agency for 2015 . This was a great motivation for us to progress in providing services and satisfaction to our guests.


Svetosavska 80,
31250 Bajina Bašta